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  • WHEN?
    Marshmallow comic magazine was conceived and founded in 2012.

    It came about through our children’s visits to the library and the sign on the wall stating, “One comics book per family”.
    This made us realize how much this kind of “reading” is in demand.

    So, we said: “Let’s make it available to everyone, as a high-quality product”.
    Our aim is to offer the kids a magazine presenting several advantages:the highly educational content and the beautiful professional art. 
    All this encourages the kids to want to read more and more. 


    Each Marshmallow comics magazine consists of a story from Nach with sources of Chazal. This enables the kids to learn Nach in a pleasant and vivid way. In addition, they learn History and Science through a fascinating comic story. Besides, every issue provides interesting Jewish knowledge and puzzles for fun.


    Marshmallow comics magazine is avidly read by people of all ages and of all Jewish streams. 
    We keep on getting rewarding comments like: “We always learn something new in your Marshmallow comics magazine”.